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Constraints on $s-\bar s$ asymmetry of the proton in chiral effective theory


We compute the?s?s??asymmetry in the proton in chiral effective theory, using phenomenological constraints based upon existing data. Unlike previous meson cloud model calculations, which accounted for kaon loop contributions with on-shell intermediate states alone, this work includes off-shell terms and contact interactions, which impact the shape of the?s?s??difference. Using a regularization procedure that preserves chiral symmetry and Lorentz invariance, we find that existing data limit the integrated value of the first moment of the asymmetry to the range??0.07×10?3≤?x(s?s?)?≤1.12×10?3?at a scale of?Q2=1GeV2. In contrast to some suggestions in the literature, the magnitude of this correction is too small to account for the NuTeV anomaly.
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Recommended references: X. G. Wang,Chueng-Ryong Ji W. Melnitchouk,Y. Salamu,A. W. Thomas P. Wang.(2016).Constraints on $s-\bar s$ asymmetry of the proton in chiral effective theory.[ChinaXiv:201608.00211] (Click&Copy)
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