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Study of decay dynamics and $CP$ asymmetry in $D^+ \to K^0_L e^+ \nu_e$ decay

Submit Time: 2016-09-12
Author: Ablikim, M. and others 1 ;
Institute: 1.BESIII Collaboration;


Using 2.92~fb?1?of electron-positron annihilation data collected at?s√=3.773~GeV with the BESIII detector, we obtain the first measurements of the absolute branching fraction?B(D+→K0Le+νe)=(4.481±0.027(stat.)±0.103(sys.))%?and the?CP?asymmetry?AD+→K0Le+νeCP=(?0.59±0.60(stat.)±1.48(sys.))%. From the?D+→K0Le+νe?differential decay rate distribution, the product of the hadronic form factor and the magnitude of the CKM matrix element,?fK+(0)|Vcs|, is determined to be?0.728±0.006(stat.)±0.011(sys.). Using?|Vcs|?from the SM constrained fit with the measured?fK+(0)|Vcs|,?fK+(0)=0.748±0.007(stat.)±0.012(sys.)?is obtained, and utilizing the unquenched LQCD calculation for?fK+(0),?|Vcs|=0.975±0.008(stat.)±0.015(sys.)±0.025(LQCD).
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Keywords: BESIII; asymmetry;
Recommended references: Ablikim, M. and others.(2016).Study of decay dynamics and $CP$ asymmetry in $D^+ \to K^0_L e^+ \nu_e$ decay.[ChinaXiv:201609.00759] (Click&Copy)
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