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Searching heavier Higgs boson via di-Higgs production at LHC Run-2


The LHC discovery of a light Higgs particle?h0?(125GeV) opens up new prospect for searching heavier Higgs boson(s) at the LHC Run-2, which will unambiguously point to new physics beyond the standard model (SM). We study the detection of a heavier neutral Higgs boson?H0?via di-Higgs production channel at the LHC (14TeV),?H0→h0h0→WW?γγ. This directly probes the?Hhh?cubic Higgs interaction, which exists in most extensions of the SM Higgs sector. For the decay products of final states?WW?, we include both pure leptonic mode?WW?→?ν???ν?and semi-leptonic mode?WW?→qq?′?ν. We analyze signals and backgrounds by performing fast detector simulation for the full processes?pp→H→hh→WW?γγ→?ν???νγγ?and?pp→H→hh→WW?γγ→?νqq?′γγ, over the mass range?MH=250?600GeV. For generic two-Higgs-doublet models (2HDM), we present the discovery reach of the heavier Higgs boson at the LHC Run-2, and compare it with the current Higgs global fit of the 2HDM parameter space.
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Recommended references: Lan-Chun L¨u,Chun Du y,Yaquan Fang,Hong-Jian He,Huijun Zhang?.(2016).Searching heavier Higgs boson via di-Higgs production at LHC Run-2.[ChinaXiv:201609.00970] (Click&Copy)
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