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Effect of $Z_b$ states on $\Upsilon(3S)\to\Upsilon(1S)\pi\pi$ decays


Within the framework of dispersion theory, we analyze the dipion transitions between the lightest?Υ?states,?Υ(nS)→Υ(mS)ππ?with?m
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Keywords: Z_b;
Recommended references: Yun-Hua Chen,Johanna T. Daub,Feng-Kun Guo,Bastian Kubis,Ulf-G. Mei遪er,and Bing-Song Zou.(2016).Effect of $Z_b$ states on $\Upsilon(3S)\to\Upsilon(1S)\pi\pi$ decays.[ChinaXiv:201609.01053] (Click&Copy)
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