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Relativistic Spacetime Based On Absolute Background

Submit Time: 2022-02-04
Author: Chen, Chiyi 1 ;
Institute: 1.Hangzhou Normal University;



[英文摘要]Based on the consideration of naturalness and physical facts in Einstein's theories of relativity, a nontrivial spacetime physical picture, which has a slight difference from the standard one, is introduced by making a further distinction on the absolute background of spacetime and the relative length or duration of base units of spacetime. In this picture, the coordinate base units in gravity-induced spacetime metric are defined by the standard clock and ruler equipped by the observer, and duplicated onto the every position of the whole universe. In contrast, the local intrinsic base units of spacetime in gravitational field are defined by the length and duration of physical events intervals in the same-type standard clock and ruler which are really located at every position of the universe. In principle, the reading number of the standard clock is counted by the undergone times of unit intervals defined depending on a certain kind of local intrinsic events. But the size of the base units of spacetime is essentially depicted by the length of the line segment, which is cut from the absolute background of spacetime by the local intrinsic events of unit interval. The effect of gravitation is just to change the length of this segment for base spacetime units. On the basis of such a physical picture of spacetime, in a fairly natural way we re-derive a new classical dynamical equation which satisfies a more realistic and moderately general principle of relativity. To further examine this physical picture including of gravitation and spacetime, we finally reinvestigate the physical picture of spacetime in cosmology and propose a more general and rensonable  form for cosmological metric.

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From: 陈驰一
Recommended references: Chen, Chiyi.(2022).相对的时空标度和绝对的时空背景.[ChinaXiv:201610.00003] (Click&Copy)
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