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Top quark three-body decays in R-violating MSSM

Submit Time: 2016-12-28
Author: Heng,Z 1 ; Lu,G 1 ; Wu,L 2 ; Yang,JM 1 ;
Institute: 1.Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.; 2.Henan Normal U.;


In the minimal supersymmetric standard model the R-parity violating interactions can trigger various exotic three-body decays for the top quark, which may be accessible at the LHC. In this work we examine the R-violating decays t-> c X_1 X_2, which includ
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Recommended references: Heng,Z,Lu,G,Wu,L,Yang,JM.(2016).Top quark three-body decays in R-violating MSSM.[ChinaXiv:201612.00472] (Click&Copy)
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