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Submit Time: 2017-01-11
Author: 欧阳俊哲 景德镇陶瓷大学 ;
Institute: 1.景德镇陶瓷大学;


图书馆的发展面临数字化与网络化的冲击,地方性高等院校遇到了发展中的瓶颈。利用信息化的有利条件,以数据分析为有效手段,深度挖掘高校图书馆的潜力,扩展图书馆的服务对象群体,提高图书馆的使用效率。首次提出借阅因子概念,量化了学生对图书馆的利用效率。借鉴中外大学图书馆经验,对于如何吸引校外读者,提出了具体的操作预案。ABSTRACT:With the rapid development of the information technology, traditional library is now facing challenges from the network and digital reading. Local colleges and universities have also encountered the bottleneck of development. By taking the advantage of information technology, data analysis has become an effective means to dig the potential of the academic library. Expanding the services of the academic library can help to improve the utilization efficiency of the library. For the first time, the author puts forward the concept of borrowing and reading factor. It quantifies the utilization efficiency of the library. By learning experiences from academic libraries around the world, detailed implementation plan is given to JINGDEZHEN Ceramic University library for attracting external readers.
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From: 欧阳俊哲
Recommended references: 欧阳俊哲.(2017).高校图书馆图书借阅分析与对外开放研究.[ChinaXiv:201701.00067] (Click&Copy)
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