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A Novel Single-Layer Unit Structure for Broadband Reflectarray Antenna


A novel X-band single-layer unit cell structure with enhanced bandwidth for linearly polarized microstrip reflectarray antenna is proposed. The unit-cell structure is composed of two circular rings, each with a pair of gaps which are orthogonally placed, and two identical phase-delay lines attached to the outer circular ring. With this novel structure, a linear phase response ranging about 550° is achieved by varying the length of the phase delay line. An offset-fed reflectarray antenna composed of 277 elements forming an octagon-shape aperture is designed, fabricated, and measured to verify the broadband characteristic of the proposed unit cell. Measurement results show that 20% 1-dB gain bandwidth is realized. Besides, the maximum gain at 10 GHz is about 26.38 dBi, which means about 51.3 % efficiency is achieved. At the same time, the side lobe level and cross polarization for E-plane are also measured which are below ?17.5 dB and ?26 dB, respectively.
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Recommended references: Chunhui Han,Yunhua Zhang,Qingshan Yang.(2017).A Novel Single-Layer Unit Structure for Broadband Reflectarray Antenna.[ChinaXiv:201703.00250] (Click&Copy)
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