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Platacanthomyid remains from the late Cenozoic deposits of East China


Remains of Platacanthomyidae from a late Cenozoic fissure in Fanchang, Anhui, and from the Miocene deposits of Sihong, Jiangsu, China are described. Three species and two genera, including two new species are recognized. They are Neocometes sinensis sp. nov. from Fanchang and Sihong, and N. magna sp. nov. and Typhlomys sp. from Fanchang. The Fanchang assemblage is a mixed sample with elements probably representing an interval spanning from the Early Miocene to the Pleistocene. Judging from fossil content and coloration in the sample, the two species of Neocometes are inferred to be Miocene in age, while the Typhlomys to be later. The joint occurrence of some typical Miocene elements in the assemblage seems to indicate that the Fanchang sample includes an association which can be closely correlated with the Early Miocene Sihong Fauna and the Shanwang Fauna of China, and with the Miocene faunas known from Thailand. Dental characters of Neocomets appear to suggest that the Asian species of the genus have undergone a rapid increase of size, heightening of dental crown, strengthening of ridges, and gradually development of ectoloph in the upper molars and endolophid in the lower molars, representing an evolutionary lineage different from that of Europe. 描述了安徽繁昌和江苏泗洪新发现的晚新生代堆积物中的刺山鼠科化石。化石共有两属3种,即产自安徽、江苏的中华新来鼠(新种) (Neocometes sinensis sp. nov.)和产自安徽的大新来鼠(新种) (N. magna sp. nov.)及猪尾鼠未定种(Typhlomys sp.)。安徽繁昌的材料来自裂隙堆积,采样时未作分层处理,对单个化石属种很难进行准确的时代确定;但根据所采集化石的组分和上下层位保存的颜色与埋葬方式上的差异,推测Neocometes的时代为中新世,而Typhlomys可能较晚。Neocometes属的出现和典型中新世动物成员的存在,表明繁昌这一含古猿的裂隙堆积中含有大致与江苏泗洪动物群和山东山旺动物群相当、甚至可与泰国中新世动物群对比的啮齿动物组合。新种牙齿的形态特征显示,Neocometes属在亚洲经历了个体迅速增大,齿冠增高,齿脊增强,上臼齿外脊和下臼齿内脊逐渐发育的过程,与该属在欧洲的演化趋势有所不同。
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Recommended references: QIU Zhu-Ding,Jin Chang-Zhu .(2017).Platacanthomyid remains from the late Cenozoic deposits of East China.古脊椎动物学报.doi:10.19615/j.cnki.1000-3118.170721 (Click&Copy)
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