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A Tracker Solution for a Holographic Dark Energy Model


We investigate a kind of holographic dark energy model with the future event horizon the IR cutoff and the equation of state ?1. In this model, the constraint on the equation of state automatically specifies an interaction between matter and dark energy. With this interaction included, an accelerating expansion is obtained as well as the transition from deceleration to acceleration. It is found that there exists a stable tracker solution for the numerical parameter d > 1, and d smaller than one will not lead to a physical solution. This model provides another possible phenomenological framework to alleviate the cosmological coincidence problem in the context of holographic dark energy. Some properties of the evolution which are relevant to cosmological parameters are also discussed.
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Recommended references: Hui Li,b,Zong-Kuan Guo,Yuan-Zhong Zhang.(2017).A Tracker Solution for a Holographic Dark Energy Model.[ChinaXiv:201709.00131] (Click&Copy)
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