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Effects of tetracyclines on bone: an ambiguous question needs to be clarified

Submit Time: 2018-03-15
Author: wenxiang cheng 1 ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院;


Tetracyclines have been widely used in bone histomorphometry to label new bone formation and apposition rate. However, most studies of tetracyclines have also shown their strong inhibitory action on osteoclasts and their effects on osteoblast activities as well. To even obtain the in-depth understanding on this issue, we have reviewed related studies in “Pubmed” by searching the keywords “tetracyclines and osteoclast”, “tetracyclines and osteoblast”, which retrieved 115 and 159 related documents, respectively. Among these papers, some described the application of tetracyclines as fluorescent marker in bone histomorphometry, while others discussed their role in protection of bone metabolism partly through inhibiting osteoclastogenesis or bone resorption and through enhancing osteogenesis. Based on the above mentioned, it seems that tetracyclines used as bone labeling markers may affect the results of bone histomorphometry to some extent. To even confirm the effect of tetracyclines on bone cells (osteoblast, osteoclast) and in vivo bone remodeling, related research work has been performed in our research team which indicated quite different results in vivo and in vitro. Therefore, the influence of tetracyclines on bone may differ in terms of different conditions which need to be further elucidated as well.
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From: wx.cheng
Recommended references: wenxiang cheng.(2018).Effects of tetracyclines on bone: an ambiguous question needs to be clarified.[ChinaXiv:201803.00577] (Click&Copy)
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