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Gibbsian representation of knowledge in infinite dimensional random neural networks(IDRNN)

Submit Time: 2018-11-07
Author: xi guangcheng 1 ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院自动化研究所;


Abstract. In studying of a class of random neural network, some of relative researchers have proposed Markov model of neural network. Wherein Markov property of the neural network is based on “assuming”. To reveal mechanism of generating of Markov property in neural network, it is studied how infinite-dimensional random neural network (IDRNN) forms inner Markov representation of environment information in this paper.Because of equivalence between markov property and Gibbsian our conclusion is that knowledge is eventually expressed by extreme Gibbs probability measure—ergodic Gibbs probability measure in IDRNN. This conclusion is also applicable to quantum mechanical level of IDRNN. Hence one can see “ concept “- “ consciousness” is generated at particle(ion) level in the brain and is experienced at the level of the neurons; We have discussed also ergodicity of IDRNN with random neural potential.
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From: guangcheng.xi
Recommended references: xi guangcheng.(2018).Gibbsian representation of knowledge in infinite dimensional random neural networks(IDRNN).[ChinaXiv:201803.01556] (Click&Copy)
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