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Rosai-Dorfman disease in the larynx: report of a case and literature review


Rosai-Dorfman病是一种发生在淋巴结或结外组织的良性组织细胞增生性病变,而发生在喉部的结外Rosai-Dorfman病例及其罕见,其病变特征不明显,缺乏典型的发热及淋巴结肿大症状,临床上易误诊为恶性肿瘤,治疗也无标准可循。本文报道1 例喉部Rosai-Dorfman病,应用微创手术加激素治疗,保留了喉功能,取得良好疗效,并结合文献对这一罕见疾病的诊治进行探讨。
[英文摘要]Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD) is a rare histiocytic disorder that has nodal and extranodal manifestations. Currently no guidelines are available for the management of this disease. We report a case of laryngeal RDD that did not present with classical symptoms such as fever or lymphadenopathy and could be easily misdiagnosed as malignant tumor. The patient received minimally invasive surgeries combined with steroid therapy to preserve the laryngeal function as much as possible, and a favorable clinical outcome was obtained. Reports of similar cases in literatures were reviewed to obtain a better understanding of the disease course, diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon condition.
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Recommended references: XU Xia,DENGWenting,HUANG Chengzhi,WANG Jian.(2018).Rosai-Dorfman disease in the larynx: report of a case and literature review.南方医科大学学报.[ChinaXiv:201806.00138] (Click&Copy)
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