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Where is the Embodiment Effect? The Hierarchical Access Priority Model


There are detailed theories and abundant empirical results regarding embodied cognition. However, embodiment effects are undergoing a replication crisis. Based on the hierarchical structure of embodiment tasks and the dual process property of embodiment phenomena, we propose the hierarchical access priority model (HAP). According to HAP, the generation of embodiment effects depends on the access priority of embodied variables to unconscious processes, and embodiment effects from different hierarchy levels show a contravariant relationship between effect size and stability. Theoretically, the stability of an embodiment effect is partly determined by the hierarchy of the embodied variable, and dissociation of the dual process moderates the effect size. Empirically, the hierarchical linear model analytic method should be considered for embodied research; the embodied variable could be designed as a mediating or moderating variable, and other possible masked mediating variables should be considered. HAP offers an insightful theoretical perspective for the embodiment replication crisis.
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From: 刘传军
Recommended references: Chuanjun Liu,Jiangqun Liao,Kaiping Peng.(2019).Where is the Embodiment Effect? The Hierarchical Access Priority Model.[ChinaXiv:201810.00102] (Click&Copy)
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