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Pearls are Everywhere but not the Eyes: The Mechanism and Boundary Conditions of the Influences of Decision Maker's Mental Models on Idea Recognition

Submit Time: 2018-11-19
Author: 白新文 1 ; 齐舒婷 1,2 ; 明晓东 1,2 ; 周意勇 1,2 ; 黄明权 1,2 ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院心理研究所; 2.中国科学院大学心理学系;


[英文摘要] As one of the major limitations in organizational creativity and innovation research, much endeavor has been focused on idea generation rather than on idea recognition. Recognizing creative ideas among many options is the most crucial stage in the long process of organizational innovation, and contributes more to its success than generating ideas does. The critical role of decision maker’s mental model—the knowledge and belief structure that individuals use to describe, interpret, predict outside world, and to make judgment and decisions—on idea recognition has yet been examined. By adopting Csikszentmihalyi’s (1988, 1999) system view of creativity, the current study aims a) to demonstrate the difference in idea recognition accuracy between decision makers holding a fixed mindset or a growth mindset; b) to reveal the mediating effect of decision makers’ uncertainty tolerance decision makers; and c) to investigate the moderating effects of idea features and the pattern of organizational innovation practice. The current study contributes to organizational creativity and innovation literature by introducing a new perspective to this field. Also, decision makers can gain insight on how to avoid costly mistakes by reflecting on and modifying mental models of their own."
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From: 白新文
Recommended references: 白新文,齐舒婷,明晓东,周意勇,黄明权.(2018).骏马易见,伯乐难寻:决策者心智模式影响创意识别的机制及边界条件.心理科学进展.doi:10.3724/SP.J.1042.2019.00571 (Click&Copy)
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