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Submit Time: 2020-05-28
Author: 王新 1 ;
Institute: 1.中国人民大学图书馆;


[目的]全面了解物理学科学术期刊的开放获取(OA)程度以及质量。探索基于被引的OA期刊和论文的质量评价方法;[方法] 运用统计学原理和文献计量学方法,以JCR分类法物理学科348种期刊为研究对象,基于其在Web of Science (WoS)2年内的论文数量、被引数据,对整个物理学科以及8个分支领域的OA期刊和论文的开放率、被引率和接受度三个维度的9个指标进行比较和相关性分析;[结果]整个学科有OA期刊39个,占总期刊11.21%;OA论文总的开放率和被引率分别为28.37%和35.95%,OA期刊对论文开放率和被引率的贡献分别为30%和23.99%;高被引论文开放率为41.87%,被引贡献率为40.56%。OA论文的篇均被引为4.35频次。8个分支领域期刊及其OA期刊的接受度均值区间分别为{962,301}和{1032,50};[结论] 实证分析表明:1.物理学科OA论文的主流贡献来自复合期刊;凝聚态物理开放程度较低,与学科规模不成比例;目前高被引论文的开放虽然不存在偏见,但也不被给予更多关注,因此加大高被引论文的开放数量可以成为提高OA质量的一种策略。2.期刊和论文的开放率以及OA期刊的贡献率,可以作为开放程度的评价指标;OA论文被引率、高被引论文开放率、OA期刊的篇均被引率可以作为OA质量评价指标。3.OA期刊的刊文量及其刊文量的百分位数均可用于期刊的接受度分析。
[英文摘要] [Purposes] A comprehensive understanding of the degree of open access (OA) of academic journals in physics, and the quality of OA papers. Exploring the quality-evaluation methods based on cited OA papers. [Methods] Using statistical principles and bibliometrics methods, 348 physics journals in web of science (WoS), were studied, according to their number of papers and citation collected within 2 years. A comparison and correlation analysis of 9 indicators of about OA proportion of which including OA paper, OA journals, citation of OA paper, as well as acceptability of OA journals, were carried out for the whole physics discipline and 8 branch areas. [Findings] There are 39 OA journals in the whole discipline, accounting for 11.21% of the total journals. The total opening rate and citation rate of OA papers are 28.37% and 35.95%, respectively. The contribution of OA journals to the opening rate and citation rate is 30% and 23.99%, respectively. The opening percentage of high cited papers is 41.87%, and its contribution percentage for citation is 40.56%. OA papers were cited as 4.35 per paper. In eight branch areas, the intervals of mean value of Journals Acceptability (JA) of their journals and OA journals, are {962,301} and {1032,50} respectively. [Conclusions] Empirical analysis shows that : 1)The majority of OA papers come from hybrid- journals. For condensed matter physic, its OA level is much less than the scale of its journal publish. Regarding the OA tactics of high- cited papers, we did not find that they were priority, neither biased. Therefore, increasing the percentage of open access of high- cited papers can be a strategy to improve the quality of OA. 2) OA ratio of Journals and papers , as well the contribution ratio of OA journals can be used as an evaluation index for the degree of openness. The citation ratio of OA papers, the OA ratio of high cited papers, and the average citation per paper in OA journals can be used as indexes for evaluating the quality of OA. 3) The publication volume (PV)of OA journal and the percentile of the journal’s PV can be used for the journal acceptability analysis. "
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From: 王新
Recommended references: 王新.(2020).基于WoS的基础学科OA论文的质量评价思路--以物理学科为例.[ChinaXiv:202005.00085] (Click&Copy)
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