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Taxonomic identity of Primulina swinglei (Gesneriaceae)


Chirita Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don is a human-defined genus. Phylogenetic reconstruction of this genus and its related genera was carried out on the basis of molecular systematics research in 2011. Most of the species of Sect. Gibbosaccus C.B. Clark were incorporated into Primulina Hance. However, due to historical reasons, the limitations of early classical taxonomy in research methods and the understanding of vegetative organs and reproductive organs of some species of former Chirita need to be further studied, there are still some problems in the classification of some species of this genus, which need to be further studied. For example, in the process of studying Gesneriaceae plants distributed in China and Vietnam, we found that there are taxonomic problems in the identification of two species of Primulina: Primulina swinglei, which is widely distributed from Southwest China to the middle of Indochina Peninsula, and P. laxiflora, which was originally considered to be endemic to China and Guangxi. Further clarification is needed to clarify the relationship between the two species. In this paper, the morphological comparison of the two species was carried out. At the same time, through the original description comparison, plant specimen examination, cultivation observation and field observation of the two plants, we determined that P. laxiflora is the synonym of P. swinglei. In addition, the lectotype of P. swinglei is also designated here to confirm the taxonomic status of the species.
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Recommended references: HONG Xin,KEENE Jeremy,SHAN Wanyue,VAN DO Truong,WEN Fang.(2020).Taxonomic identity of Primulina swinglei (Gesneriaceae).广西植物.[ChinaXiv:202010.00042] (Click&Copy)
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