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Analysis of mechanical performances of cylindrical wall in 3D printing processes


In order to enhance the overall structural stability of 3D printed concrete wall, we propose a novel scheme to produce a wavy wall with curvature along its contour direction. To validate the idea of the scheme, a single wave wall is set as a cylindrical wall and its mechanical performances are analyzed. The mathematical 3D printing model of the wavy wall is formulated by the shell theory while taking into account of additional parameters of the printing processes, the model will be used to analyze the two failure mechanisms of the cylindrical wall: elastic buckling and plastic collapse. Compared with the results of Suiker’s straight wall, it is found that when the parameters were same, the stability of the cylindrical wall is more than twice of the rectangular wall. Our studies indicate that it’s a feasible scheme to improve the printed structural stability by increasing curvature.
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From: 刘轩廷
Recommended references: 刘轩廷,孙博华.(2020).Analysis of mechanical performances of cylindrical wall in 3D printing processes.[ChinaXiv:202012.00059] (Click&Copy)
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