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The connection conditions of phase pressures and Darcy velocities at gas-water flood front in porous media


[英文摘要]Gas-liquid two-phase displacement are widely observed in oil and gas reservoir. The traditional seepage theory holds that the phase pressures and Darcy velocities must be continuous at the jump interface, and we have falsified them in previous studies. In this paper, the jump interface condition of two-phase seepage is extended from incompressible fluids to compressible. Taking gas-water displacement as an example, the new connection conditions of phase pressures and Darcy velocities at the gas-water displacement front in porous media were built. The results show that at the flood front, the global pressure is continuous, but not the fluid pressure are. (2) The total Darcy velocity can be discontinuous with a specific functional relationship;(3) The phase Darcy velocity of each phase of the fluid is discontinuous.
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From: 彭小龙
Recommended references: 彭小龙,朱苏阳,梁保升,王超文,邓鹏.(2020).多孔介质中不互溶气-液两相驱替前缘的界面条件.[ChinaXiv:202012.00069] (Click&Copy)
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