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On dark matter


[英文摘要] In this article, I shall propose an enlightening view on the origin of dark matter abundance, in which I introduce a neutral primordial field, which is a new field beyond the standard model. All the standard model elementary particles are produced spontaneously from this field in the Big Bang epoch of the universe and then these produced elementary particles decayed or annihilated in the well-known standard model interactions. The relic of the primordial field appears in a form of vacuum energy can not only give naturally the correct abun- dance of dark matter in the present universe, but provide a natural solution to the cosmological constant problem as well. We find that the conventional methods of detecting dark matter either fail or have great difficulties to detect the remaining vacuum energy of the primordial field, and how to confirm the existence of the remaining energy of the universe’s original energy in experiment is still an open problem.
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From: 余先桥
Recommended references: Xian-Qiao Yu.(2021).On dark matter.[ChinaXiv:202101.00003] (Click&Copy)
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