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Coping With Coronavirus Pandemic: Risk Perception Predicts Life Optimism

Submit Time: 2021-01-15
Author: Kailin Cheng 1 ; Jiangqun Liao 1 ;
Institute: 1.Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University;


[英文摘要]Objective: Given that the coronavirus pandemic has become a severe concern around the world, how can optimism be maintained in an outbreak of a collective epidemic? We proposed that perceived control and negative affect could be potential explanatory factors for optimism in the face of pandemic. Methods & Results: In Study 1, a large-scale (N = 599) cross-sectional design (N = 599) showed the effect of risk perception on life optimism and the serial mediating effect of “perceived control–negative affect” through structural equation modeling. Then, Study 2 (N = 191) ascertained the causality between risk perception for epidemic and life optimism with experimental manipulations. Finally, Study 3 (N = 186) controlled for extrinsic variables and further revealed that the effect of risk perception on optimism could be extended to overall subjective well-being. Conclusions: Together, these findings indicated that under influenza epidemic, risk perception could make a difference in life optimism. Moreover, perceived control and negative affect were notable contributing factors in the link. Measures strengthening the publicity and transparency of recovery rates should be taken to reduce public risk perceptions and promote life optimism.
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From: Jiangqun Liao
Recommended references: Kailin Cheng,Jiangqun Liao.(2021).Coping With Coronavirus Pandemic: Risk Perception Predicts Life Optimism.[ChinaXiv:202101.00059] (Click&Copy)
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