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Visual perception law under bi-dimensional optics stimulation


[英文摘要] Human sense of stimulus quantity is divided into quantitative sense and qualitative sense. Whether it's Weber- Fechner's logarithm sensory law or Stevens's power function sensory law are both such a law that is about the quantitative relationship between sensory quantity and one-dimensional luminance stimulus. The image belongs to the stimulus with two-dimensional distribution characteristics of the luminance. It is studied in this paper that is the qualitative sense for two-dimensional luminance stimulus, that is, the sense of the good level or bad level of the quality of two-dimensional luminance stimulus are studied. Good level or bad level is a fuzzy psychological conception, so we need to use the method of fuzzy mathematics to quantify the good level or the bad level of the visual perception quality of an image, that is to establish a fuzzy membership function PQ to quantitatively represent the good level or the bad level of the visual quality of an image.
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From: 祝锐
Recommended references: 祝锐,刘玉红,王体春,陈龙聪,谢正祥.(2021).二维光学刺激下的视觉感知定律.[ChinaXiv:202105.00077] (Click&Copy)
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