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Complex-valued Deng Entropy


Complex evidence theory has been applied to several fields due to its advantages in modeling and processing uncertain information. However,to measure the uncertainty of the complex mass function is still an open issue. The main contribution of this paper is to propose a complex-valued Deng entropy. The complex-valued Deng entropy can effectively measure the uncertainty of the mass function in the complex-valued framework. Meanwhile, the complex-valued Deng entropy is a generalization of the Deng entropy and Shannon entropy. That is, the complex-valued Deng entropy can degenerate to classical Deng entropy when the complex-valued mass function degenerates to a mass function in real space. In addition, the proposed complex-valued Deng entropy can also degenerates to Shannon entropy when the complex-valued mass function degenerates to a probability distribution in real space. Some numerical examples demonstrate the compatibility and effectiveness of the complex-valued Deng entropy.
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From: 邓勇
Recommended references: Lipeng Pan,Yong Deng.(2021).Complex-valued Deng Entropy.[ChinaXiv:202106.00009] (Click&Copy)
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