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模式标本是发表新种的依据,对稳定物种学名至关重要。紫堇属(Corydalis DC.)隶属于罂粟科(Papaveraceae)荷包牡丹亚科(Fumarioideae)紫堇族(Corydaleae),是分类学研究的困难属之一。该研究首先基于《中国植物志》、Flora of China以及全球物种名录查询获得被认可的526个紫堇属物种名录,然后通过检索全球数字化植物标本数据库、全球生物多样性信息网络数据库和中国数字植物标本馆获得了其中395个物种1 894份模式标本,最后对获得的标本信息进行核实、整理和归纳,提取模式类型、馆藏地、采集人、模式产地和采集时间等关键信息进行统计分析。结果表明:紫堇属每个物种平均仅有约5份模式标本;该属模式标本散落在全球80个标本馆中,其中约85%为国外采集者采集。未来应当结合文献,加强对该属模式标本的信息考证和规范化整理。
[英文摘要]Type specimen is the original specimen from which a new species description is created, and is very important to stabilize the scientific name of the species. Corydalis DC. (tribe Corydaleae, subfamily Fumarioideae, Papaveraceae) was recognized as one of the largest and most taxonomically challenging genera in the world. In this study, the species list of Corydalis from China (526 species) was firstly obtained. Of them, a total of 1 894 type specimens from 395 species were obtained by searching the JSTOR, GBIF and CVH databases. Then some key information, such as the resource type, herbarium, collector, type locality and collection date, were retrieved and analyzed. Our results showed that there are about five type specimens of Corydalis in average. These specimens were preserved in the 80 herbaria of abroad, and more than 85% of them were collected by foreign collectors. In the future, we should further focus on the normalized arrangement and the procedure of digitization of type specimens of Corydalis.
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Recommended references: 曹家谅,王静,付志玺,刘艳艳,李家美.(2021).紫堇属模式标本馆藏现状及分析.广西植物.[ChinaXiv:202112.00022] (Click&Copy)
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