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红树木榄生境中可培养细菌物种多样性及其体外 抗乙肝病毒活性研究


红树生境微生物菌群丰富,其次生代谢产物结构新颖,是挖掘新型药物的重要来源。该研究初步评价木榄沉积物、根、叶以及胚轴的可培养细菌多样性以及细菌生物活性,寻找抗乙肝病毒的药源菌株。利用纯培养技术和?16S rRNA 分子生物学技术确定细菌种属并进行物种多样性分析。以?HepG2.2.15 细胞株为模型,通过?MTT 和?PCR 技术测试细菌代谢产物的抗乙肝病毒活性。使用?LC-HRMS 技术对活性菌株代谢产物进行初步分析。结果表明:(1)本次研究共获得细菌?59 种,分属?4 门?5 纲?14 目?23 科?36 属,其中芽孢杆菌为优势菌属。?菌株?GXIMD07402 、?GXIMD07665 、?GXIMD07384 分别为Pseudooceanicola 属、Thioclava 属和?Aestuariibaculum 属潜在新种。(2)抗乙肝病毒活性结果显示?GXIMD07366、GXIMD07616、GXIMD07384 、GXIMD07550、GXIMD07445X提取物能显著降低?HepG2.2.15 细胞上清?HBV DNA 水平(P<0.05),抑制率分别为?51%、?47%、63%、52%、47%。(3)初步鉴定强活性菌株?GXIMD07384 的?4 个主要代谢产物有?Adenosine 、?Cyclo(L-Pro-L-OMet) 、?Acremine G 和?7,8-dimethylbenzo[g] pteridine-2,4(1H,3H)-dione。研究结果表明木榄生境中可培养细菌物种多样性丰富,且含有能产生抗乙肝病毒活性化合物的菌株,为后续海洋微生物资源的应用提供了基础。
[英文摘要]Mangrove habitat is rich in microfloras and its secondary metabolites have novel structure, which is an important source for mining new drugs. This study preliminarily evaluated the culturable bacterial diversity of sediments, roots, leaves and hypocotyl of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and the biological activity of bacterial metabolites, and looked for anti-HBV drug source strains. Pure culture technique and 16S rRNA molecular biology technique were employed to determine the species of bacteria and analyze the species diversity. Using HepG2.2.15 cell line as a model, the anti-HBV activity of bacterial metabolites was tested by MTT and PCR techniques. The secondary metabolites of active bacteria were preliminary analyzed by LC-HRMS. The results were as follows: (1) A total of 59 species of bacteria were obtained, which belonging to 4 phyla, 5 classes, 14 orders, 23 families, and 36 genera, among which Bacillus was the dominant genus. Strains GXIMD07402, GXIMD07665 and GXIMD07384 are potential new species of Pseudooceanicola, Thioclava, and Aestuariibaculum, respectively. (2) The results of anti-HBV activity showed that GXIMD07366, GXIMD07616, GXIMD07384, GXIMD07550 and GXIMD07445X could significantly reduce the level of HBV DNA in the supernatant of HepG2.2.15 cells, and the inhibition rates were 51%, 47%, 63%, 52%, and 47%. (3) Four main secondary metabolites of the highly active strain GXIMD07384 were identified as Adenosine, Cyclo(L-Pro-L-OMet), Acremine G, and 7,8-dimethylbenzo[g]pteridine -2,4(1H,3H)-dione. The results of the study confirm that the species diversity of culturable bacteria in the habitat of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza is rich and contains anti-HBV active strains, which provide a basis for the subsequent application of marine microbial resources.
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Recommended references: 候师师,梁考云,高程海,蒋翠萍,唐倩倩,刘永宏,易湘茜.(2021).红树木榄生境中可培养细菌物种多样性及其体外 抗乙肝病毒活性研究.广西植物.[ChinaXiv:202112.00023] (Click&Copy)
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