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The role of mindfulness in alleviating ostracism


[英文摘要]From three perspectives (target, source, and observer) and three-time points (before, during, and after the occurrence of ostracism), a series of questions about whether, when, and how mindfulness can play a role in ostracism were analyzed in detail and summarized as a model relating mindfulness and ostracism. The model demonstrates that before ostracism occurs, mindfulness may alleviate rejection sensitivity and reduce rejection behaviors. After ostracism occurs, mindfulness may alleviate pain and contribute to the helping behavior of observers. When ostracism occurs, mindfulness may promote good communication and reduce the likelihood of ostracism deterioration. More empirical research is needed to explore the mechanisms and the boundary conditions of the benefits of mindfulness on ostracism.
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From: 陈婧
Recommended references: 陈婧,王玉正,王锦琰,罗非.(2021).正念在缓解社会排斥中的作用.[ChinaXiv:202112.00042] (Click&Copy)
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