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Burnup optimization of once-through molten salt reactors using enriched uranium and thorium


[英文摘要] The advantages of once-through molten salt reactors include readily available fuel, low nuclear proliferation risk, and low technical difficulty. It is potentially the most easily commercialized fuel cycle mode for molten salt reactors. However, there are some problems in the parameter selection of once-through molten salt reactors, and the relevant burnup optimization work requires further analysis. This study examined a once-through graphite moderated molten salt reactor using enriched uranium and thorium. The fuel volume fraction (VF), initial heavy nuclei concentration (HN0), feeding uranium enrichment (EFU), volume of the reactor core, and fuel type were changed to obtain the optimal conditions for burnup. We found an optimal region for VF and HN0 in each scheme, and the location and size of the optimal region changed with the degree of EFU, core volume, and fuel type. The recommended core schemes provide a reference for the core design of a once-through molten salt reactor. " "
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From: 孙丽华
Journal:Nuclear Science and Techniques
Recommended references: Tan, Meng-Lu ,Zhu, Gui-Feng,Zhang, Zheng-De ,Zou, Yang ,Yu, Xiao-Han ,Yu, Cheng-Gang ,Dai, Ye ,Yan, Rui .(2021).Burnup optimization of once-through molten salt reactors using enriched uranium and thorium.Nuclear Science and Techniques.[ChinaXiv:202201.00013] (Click&Copy)
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