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Exploring the Principle of Relativity for Particle Dynamics

Submit Time: 2022-01-29
Author: 陈驰一 1 ;
Institute: 1.Hangzhou Normal University;



[英文摘要]This article investigates the physical logic of the principle of relativity for particle dynamics. Through the analysis of causal corresponding in dynamics, the reason why the puzzle of inertial force and inertial frame of reference exists in Newtonian Mechanics is uncovered to be that the causal corresponding of the frame of reference is neglected in the establishment of particle dynamics. The dynamical property of the frame of reference should be attributed to the particle of reference. At the same time, the particle of reference and the particle under studying should be put on the entirely equal status. Therefore, a new particle dynamics equation, which does not depend on the inertial frame of reference and keeps invariant in all translational frames of reference, is achieved. As for the rotational frame of reference, on the one hand, the nature of inertial forces has been revealed as the real force acting on the particle of reference with a mass-based weighting factor. It is clear that the physics effect of the gravitational force is not equal to that of the inertial force. On the other hand, according to the fundamental rule of causal corresponding, the physics of rotational frames of reference must contain dynamical properties of four non-coplanar particles of reference, hence it is difficult to be formulized into a concise equation. Finally, this article proposes that any kind of principle of relativity, as long as they declare to be generalized into the rotational frames of reference, should be re-examined.

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From: 陈驰一
Recommended references: 陈驰一.(2022).关于质点动力学的相对性原理的探索.[ChinaXiv:202201.00124] (Click&Copy)
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