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Internal modification of Thermal-Extruded Polymethyl Pentene


本文研究近紫外飞秒激光脉冲在聚甲基戊烯内部刻写的应用技术。我们发现该热塑材料具有偏振敏感性的特征。首先刻写实验使用数字孔径为0.05的透镜聚焦, 通过对超连续光谱的分析,测得稳定成丝刻写的激光脉冲功率在2.2MW - 9.2MW区间内,并由此推断该种材料的非线性折射率为n2387=2×10-16cm2W-1,推算三阶susceptibility χ(3)为    1.1×10-14esu。稳定成丝加工长度在300μm-1500μm。然后,实验使用数字孔径为0.4的组合物镜聚焦刻写厚度为~700μm,栅距为5μm的布拉格光栅。通过对光栅产品的衍射效率测试,推断最大折射率的变化为~0.01,这比文献中的记录数据,提高一个数量级。实验结果证明了激光脉冲峰值强度对于诱导非线性吸收的重要性,而双光子吸收为温和可控改性的物理机制。本工作为科研人员和光学器件设计和制作提供了最新的参考。


In this work, the near ultraviolet femtosecond laser pulse is used to fabricate waveguides and Bragg gratings in poly methyl pentene (PMP). It is observed that the polymer exhibits sensitivity for the light polarization. In low NA processing, by supercontinuum spectrum estimation, the process window of peak power ranges from 2.2MW to 9.2MW. It is inferred that the nonlinear refractive index is n2387=2×10-16cm2W-1 and the third-order susceptibility χ(3) is calculated to be 1.1×10-14esu. Filamenting-process length varies from 300μm to 1500μm along with the increase of pulse energy and the length is a power function of peak energy with power index of ~ 0.53. The maximum of refractive index change is 0.01 which is inferred from the first grating diffraction efficiency, an order higher than the previous figures. These results show that the pulse peak intensity is critical to induce nonlinear absorption in terms of the two-photon absorption. The experimental data provides the latest data for scientific researchers and optical engineers.

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From: Guangyu Zhu
Recommended references: 朱广宇,向静,周登梅,李鹏,欧汉文,陈西浩.(2022).热挤压聚甲基戊烯的飞秒激光内部改性.[ChinaXiv:202205.00036] (Click&Copy)
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