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Submit Time: 2022-05-26
Author: 刘泽军 1 ; 刘伟 1 ;
Institute: 1.上海师范大学教育学院;


当两个或两个以上项目进行一体化编码时,熟悉性也能够支持联结再认,这一观点已经得到大量研究证据的支持。然而,关于一体化如何影响联结再认和构成联结的单个项目再认仍存在分歧。通过回顾现有研究发现:(1)一体化一致性是调节一体化与联结再认关系的重要因素;(2)认知资源有限和新/旧词语义相关性是影响一体化对项目再认作用的重要因素;(3)一体化的发生机制存在 “项目假说”、“图式假说”以及“精细加工假说”三种可能的理论解释。未来研究不仅需要控制一体化一致性,还可以比较不同一体化方式的作用大小以及探索一体化效应的毕生发展规律。

[英文摘要]Associative recognition is generally thought to require recollection while familiarity cannot support it. However, recent studies suggested that familiarity can also contribute to associative recognition when the to-be-associated stimuli are unitized during encoding. Here, we reviewed these studies and concluded that: (1) The effect of unitization on associative recognition was affected by unitization-congruence (i.e. whether the level of unitization were changed from study to test); (2) The effect of unitization on item recognition might be moderated by two factors, one is the semantic relatedness between the old and new words, the other is the limited cognitive resources; (3) There are three possible theoretical explanations for the mechanisms of unitization, namely, the item account, the schema account, and the semantic elaboration hypothesis. In future research, we can not only compare the facilitation effect of different unitization on associative memory but also explore its lifelong development pattern, provided that unitization-congruence needs to be taken into account.

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From: 刘泽军
Recommended references: 刘泽军,刘伟.(2022).一体化促进联结记忆的作用机制:熟悉性和回想加工.[ChinaXiv:202205.00167] (Click&Copy)
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