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1. chinaXiv:201706.00364 [pdf]

Hydrodynamic analysis of multi-body floating system in waves: from rigid to flexible structures

Zhang Xiantao; Lu Da; Sun Yonggang; Gao Yun
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

The hydrodynamic problem for multi-body systems in waves has complexity in both wave structure interaction and coupled dynamics with interconnection. A consistent approach is developed for calculating the dynamic response of multi-body floating systems. This method is based on multi-rigid-body hydrodynamics and Euler-beam bending theory and can be used to deal with rigid or flexible multi-body floating systems in both frequency and time domain. Within the framework of this consistent approach, a stiffness approximation method is proposed to calculate the natural frequency and corresponding oscillation mode of a hinged multi-module structure. This is significant for both traditional multi-body floating system (for the purpose of structural safety) and wave energy converters (for the purpose of power efficiency).

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2. chinaXiv:201605.01432 [pdf]

Structure of the MarR family protein Rv0880 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Gao, Yun-Rong; Feng, Na; Li, De-Feng; Bi, Li-Jun; Gao, Yun-Rong; Chen, Tao
Subjects: Biology >> Biophysics

Rv0880 from the pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis is classified as a MarR family protein in the Pfam database. It consists of 143 amino acids and has an isoelectric point of 10.9. Crystals of Rv0880 belonged to space group P1, with unit-cell parameters a = 54.97, b = 69.60, c = 70.32 angstrom, alpha = 103.71, beta = 111.06, gamma = 105.83 degrees. The structure of the MarR family transcription regulator Rv0880 was solved at a resolution of 2.0 angstrom with an R-cryst and R-free of 21.2 and 24.9%, respectively. The dimeric structure resembles that of other MarR proteins, with each subunit comprising a winged helix-turn-helix domain connected to an alpha-helical dimerization domain.

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