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1. chinaXiv:201705.00392 [pdf]

Functional Organophosphorous Ionic Liquids: Synthesis and Application in PMMA Plasticization

Gu, M [Gu, Miao][ 1 ]; Gu, Q [Gu, Qun][ 2 ]; Chen, P [Chen, Peng][ 2 ]; Zhao, LL [Zhao, Lingling][ 1 ]; Liang, HZ [Liang, Hongze][ 1 ]

Two kinds of organophosphorous-functionalized ionic liquid [ILs] were synthesized and confirmed by FT-IR, HRMS and NMR. The ionic liquids have good thermostability and the viscosity decrease with the increasing temperature. They were used as plasticizer f

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