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1. chinaXiv:202110.00002 [pdf]

Transplantation of a Beating Heart: A First in Human

Yin Shengli; Rong Jian; Chen Yinghua; Cao Lu; Liu Yunqi; Mo Shaoyan; Li Hanzhao; Jiang Nan; Xiong Mai; Shi Han; Wang Tielong; Shi Yongxu; Zhu Yanlin; Liang Mengya; Xiong Wei; Chen Yili; Xu Guixing; Chen Xiaoxiang; Chen Xiaojun; Yin Meixian
Subjects: Medicine, Pharmacy >> Clinical Medicine

Ischemia and reperfusion injury (IRI), an inevitable component in organ transplantation, contributes to inferior graft survival, compromised organ quality and limitations in organ availability. The heart is most vulnerable to IRI and tolerated ischemic times are very short. We present an entire novel heart transplant procedure during which the donor heart was continuously perfused, oxygenated at normothermia and transplanted while beating. The dynamic electrocardiogram and echocardiogram indicated an absence of ischemic injury and excellent function of the donor heart during the entire procedure. This ischemia-free beating heart transplantation (IFBHT) avoids graft IRI. The approach has thus the potential to improve transplant outcome while improving organ utilization.

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2. chinaXiv:201705.00538 [pdf]

Graphene woven fabric-reinforced polyimide films with enhanced and anisotropic thermal conductivity

Gong, JR [Gong, Jinrui][ 1,2 ]; Liu, ZD [Liu, Zhiduo][ 2 ]; Yu, JH [Yu, Jinhong][ 2 ]; Dai, D [Dai, Dan][ 2 ]; Dai, W [Dai, Wen][ 2 ]; Du, SY [Du, Shiyu][ 3 ]; Li, CY [Li, Chaoyang][ 4,5 ]; Jiang, N [Jiang, Nan][ 2 ]; Zhan, ZL [Zhan, Zhaolin][ 1 ]; Lin, CT [Lin, Cheng-Te][ 2 ]
Subjects: Physics >> General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.

Due to the growing needs of thermal management in modern electronics, polyimide-based (PI) composites are increasingly demanded in thermal interface materials (TIMs). Graphene woven fabrics (GWFs) with a mesh structure have been prepared by chemical vapor deposition and used as thermally conductive filler. With the incorporation of 10-layer GWFs laminates (approximate 12 wt%), the in-plane thermal conductivity of GWFs/PI composite films achieves 3.73 W/mK, with a thermal conductivity enhancement of 1418% compared to neat PI. However, the out-of-plane thermal conductivity of the composites is only 0.41 W/mK. The in-plane thermal conductivity exceeds its out-of plane counterpart by over 9 times, indicating a highly anisotropic thermal conduction of GWFs/PI composites. The thermal anisotropy and the enhanced in-plane thermal conductivity can be attributed to the layer-by-layer stacked GWFs network in PI matrix. Thus, the GWFs-reinforced polyimide films are promising for use as an efficient heat spreader for electronic cooling applications.

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