• Theoretical uncertainties of (d,3He) and (3He,d) reactions due to the uncertainties of optical model potentials

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2023-05-31

    摘要:Theoretical uncertainties of single proton transfer cross sections of the (3He,d) and (d,3He) reactions
    due to the uncertainties of the entrance- and exit-channel optical model potentials are examined with the
    30Si(3He,d)31P, 13B(d,3He)12Be, and 34S(3He,d)35Cl reactions at incident energies of 25 MeV, 46 MeV, and
    25 MeV, respectively within the framework of distorted wave Born approximation. Differential cross sections
    at the first peaks in the angular distributions of these reactions are found to be uncertain within around 5% due
    to the uncertainties of the optical model potentials from an result of 20000 times of calculations with the optical
    potential parameters randomly sampled. This amount of uncertainties is found to be nearly independent of the
    angular momentum transfer and the target masses within the studied range of incident energies. Uncertainties
    of the single proton spectroscopic factors obtained by matching the theoretical and experimental cross sections
    at different scattering angles are also discussed.