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1. chinaXiv:201708.00145 [pdf]

Modular Properties of 3D Higher Spin Theory

Wei Li, Feng-Li Lin, Chih-Wei Wang
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

In the three-dimensional sl(N) Chern-Simons higher-spin theory, we prove that the conical surplus and the black hole solution are related by the S-transformation of the modulus of the boundary torus. Then applying the modular group on a given conical surplus solution, we generate a 'SL(2,Z)' family of smooth constant solutions. We then show how these solutions are mapped into one another by coordinate transformations that act non-trivially on the homology of the boundary torus. After deriving a thermodynamics that applies to all the solutions in the 'SL(2,Z)' family, we compute their entropies and free energies, and determine how the latter transform under the modular transformations. Summing over all the modular images of the conical surplus, we write down a (tree-level) modular invariant partition function.

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2. chinaXiv:201609.01052 [pdf]

Decipher the short-distance component of $X(3872)$ in $B_c$ decays

Wei Wang; Qiang Zhao
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

A foremost task in understanding the nature of the?X(3872)?involves the discrimination of the two-quark and multiquark configurations. In this work, we propose a method to probe the short-distance component of the?X(3872)?by measuring the ratio between the?Bc?semileptonic and nonleptonic decays into the?X(3872). We demonstrate that if the?X(3872)?production mechanism is through the?c?c?component, the ratios would be universal and could be reliably predicted in theory. Measurements of these ratios at LHC and the next-generation electron-positron colliders are capable of validating/invalidating this production mechanism and providing deeper insights into the nature of the?X(3872).

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3. chinaXiv:201609.00881 [pdf]

$S$-wave resonance contributions to the $B^0_(s)\to J/\psi\pi^+\pi^-$ and $B_s\to\pi^+\pi^-\mu^+\mu^-$ decays

Wen-Fei Wang; Hsiang-nan Li; Wei Wang; Cai-Dian L╱
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

We study?S-wave resonance contributions to the?B0(s)→J/ψπ+π??and?Bs→π+π??+???decays in the perturbative QCD (PQCD) framework by introducing two-hadron distribution amplitudes for final states. The Breit-Wigner formula for the?f0(500),?f0(1500)?and?f0(1790)?resonances and the Flatt\'e model for the?f0(980)resonance are adopted to parameterize the time-like scalar form factors in the two-pion distribution amplitudes, which include both resonant and nonresonant contributions. The resultant branching fraction and differential branching fraction in the pion-pair invariant mass for each resonance channel are consistent with experimental data. The determined?S-wave two-pion distribution amplitudes, containing the information of both resonant and nonresonant rescattering phases, can be employed to predict direct CP asymmetries of other three-body hadronic?B?meson decays in various localized regions of two-pion phase space.

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4. chinaXiv:201608.00194 [pdf]

Test flavor SU(3) symmetry in exclusive $\Lambda_c$ decays

Cai-Dian Lu; Wei Wang; Fu-Sheng Yu
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Flavor SU(3) symmetry is a powerful tool to analyze charmed baryon decays, however its applicability remains to be experimentally validated. Since there is not much data on Ξc decays, various exclusive Λc decays especially the ones into a neutron state are essential for the test of flavor symmetry. These decay modes are also helpful to investigate final state interactions in charmed baryon decays. In this work, we discuss the explicit roles of Λc decays into a neutron in testing the flavor symmetry and exploring final state interactions. The involved decay modes include semileptonic decays, two-body and three-body non-leptonic decays, but all of them have not been experimentally observed to date.

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