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1. chinaXiv:201809.00174 [pdf]

Characteristics of daily extreme wind gusts on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China

YAO, Zhengyi; LI, Xiaoying; XIAO, Jianhua
Subjects: Geosciences >> History of Geosciences

Severe wind is a major natural hazard and a main driver of desertification on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Generally, studies of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's wind climatology focus on mean wind speeds and its gust speeds have been seldom investigated. Here, we used observed daily maximum gust speeds from a 95-station network over a 5-year period (2008–2012) to analyze the characteristics of extreme wind speeds and directions by fitting Weibull and Gumbel distributions. The results indicated the spatial distribution of extreme wind speeds and their direction on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is highly variable, with its western portion prone to greater mean speeds of extreme wind gusts than its eastern portion. Maximum extreme wind speeds of 30.9, 33.0, and 32.2 m/s were recorded at three stations along the Qinghai Tibet Railway. Severe winds occurred mostly from November to April, caused primarily by the westerly jet stream. Terrain greatly enhances the wind speeds. Our spatial analysis of wind speed data showed that the wind speeds increased exponentially with an increasing altitude. We also assessed the local wind hazard by calculating the return periods of maximum wind gusts from the observational data based on the statistical extreme value distributions of these wind speeds. Further attention should be given to those stations where the yearly maximum daily extreme wind speed increased at a rate greater than that of mean value of daily extreme wind speeds. Severe extreme wind events in these regions of the plateau are likely to become more frequent. Consequently, building structural designers working in these areas should use updated extreme wind data rather than relying on past data alone.

submitted time 2018-09-17 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits2038Downloads874 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201711.00366 [pdf]

Wind tunnel test on the effect of metal net fences on sand flux in a Gobi Desert, China

WANG Tao; QU Jianjun; LING Yuquan; XIE Shengbo; XIAO Jianhua
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

The Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway runs through an expansive windy area in a Gobi Desert, and sand-blocking fences were built to protect the railway from destruction by wind-blown sand.

submitted time 2017-11-07 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits2484Downloads1258 Comment 0

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