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1. chinaXiv:201705.00968 [pdf]

Using associative neural network to interpret syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Xi Guangcheng Chen Jianxin Yi JianQiang
Subjects: Mathematics >> Modeling and Simulation

Millions of people benefit form Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM every day. Unfortunately till now TCM has not been accepted as science by world especially western people. Bian Zheng Lun Zhi is distillation of TCM. Syndrome is key in system of Bian Zheng Lun Zhi. Study about the syndrome is core of study of basic theory of TCM. We creatively interpret TCM through a view of cognitive science and take syndromes of TCM as concepts of brain. This paper try to introduce syndrome to western people in order to let western people understand our viewpoints more easily the best method is to adopt a manner that is easily understood by them already exists and has been thought to be right. So we employ neural network presented by foreign people as brain model instead of network presented by us Using two classic case of TCM we successfully clarify the three main properties of syndrome in TCM.

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