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1. chinaXiv:201609.01061 [pdf]

750 GeV Diphoton Excess from Cascade Decay

Fa Peng Huang; Chong Sheng Li; Ze Long Liu; Yan Wang
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Motivated by the recent 750 GeV diphoton excess observed by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations, we propose a simplified model to explain this excess. Model-independent constraints and predictions on the allowed couplings for generating the observed diphoton excess are studied in detail, and the compatibility between Run 1 and Run 2 data is considered simultaneously. We demonstrate that the possible four photon signal can be used to test this scenario, and also explain the interesting deviation for a diphoton mass of about 1.6 TeV by ATLAS, where the local significance is 2.8?σ. Meanwhile, this scenario also provides us with the dark matter candidates.

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