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1. chinaXiv:201911.00097 [pdf]

Review of Machine-Vision-Based Plant Detection Technologies for Robotic Weeding.pdf

Li,Nan; Zhang, Xiaoguang ; Zhang, Chunlong; Ge, Luzhen; He, Yong; Wu,Xinyu
Subjects: Computer Science >> Computer Application Technology

Controlling weeds with reduced reliance on herbicides is one of the main challenges to move toward a more sustainable agriculture. Robotic weeding is a thought to be a viable way to reduce the environmental loading of agrochemicals while keeping the operation efficiency high. One of the key technologies for performing robotic weeding is automatic detection of crops and weeds in fields. This paper presents an overview on various methods for detecting plants based on machine vision, mainly concentrating on two main challenges: dealing with changing light and crop/weed discrimination. To overcome the first challenge, both physical and algorithmic methods have been proposed. Physical methods can result in a more cumbersome machine while algorithmic methods are less robust. For crop/weed discrimination, deep-learning-based methods have shown obvious advantages over traditional methods based on hand-crafted features. However, traditional methods still hold some merits that can be leveraged to deep-learning-based methods. With the fast development of hardware technologies, researchers should take full advantage of advanced hardware to ease the algorithm design. In the future, the identification of crops and weeds can be more accurate and fine-grained with the support of online databases and computing resources based on the advances in artificial intelligence and communication technologies.

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2. chinaXiv:201910.00076 [pdf]

Masked Sentence Model based on BERT for Move Recognition in Medical Scientific Abstracts

Yu, Gaihong; Zhang, Zhixiong; Liu, Huan ; Ding, Liangping
Subjects: Computer Science >> Natural Language Understanding and Machine Translation

Purpose: Move recognition in scientific abstracts is an NLP task of classifying sentences of the abstracts into different types of language unit. To improve the performance of move recognition in scientific abstracts, a novel model of move recognition is proposed that outperforms BERT-Base method. Design: Prevalent models based on BERT for sentence classification often classify sentences without considering the context of the sentences. In this paper, inspired by the BERT's Masked Language Model (MLM), we propose a novel model called Masked Sentence Model that integrates the content and contextual information of the sentences in move recognition. Experiments are conducted on the benchmark dataset PubMed 20K RCT in three steps. And then compare our model with HSLN-RNN, BERT-Base and SciBERT using the same dataset. Findings: Compared with BERT-Base and SciBERT model, the F1 score of our model outperforms them by 4.96% and 4.34% respectively, which shows the feasibility and effectiveness of the novel model and the result of our model comes closest to the state-of-the-art results of HSLN-RNN at present. Research Limitations: The sequential features of move labels are not considered, which might be one of the reasons why HSLN-RNN has better performance. And our model is restricted to dealing with bio-medical English literature because we use dataset from PubMed which is a typical bio-medical database to fine-tune our model. Practical implications: The proposed model is better and simpler in identifying move structure in scientific abstracts, and is worthy for text classification experiments to capture contextual features of sentences. Originality: The study proposes a Masked Sentence Model based on BERT which takes account of the contextual features of the sentences in abstracts in a new way. And the performance of this classification model is significantly improved by rebuilding the input layer without changing the structure of neural networks.

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3. chinaXiv:201905.00013 [pdf]


辛欣; 郭平
Subjects: Information Science and Systems Science >> Other Disciplines of Information Science and Systems Science


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4. chinaXiv:201910.00073 [pdf]


Subjects: Computer Science >> Natural Language Understanding and Machine Translation


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5. chinaXiv:201909.00203 [pdf]


郑泓; 蒲城城; 王毅; 陈楚侨
Subjects: Psychology >> Medical Psychology


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6. chinaXiv:201905.00012 [pdf]

Transfer Learning for Scientific Data Chain Extraction in Small Chemical Corpus with BERT-CRF Model

Na Pang; Li Qian; Weimin Lyu; Jin-Dong Yang
Subjects: Computer Science >> Natural Language Understanding and Machine Translation

Abstract. Computational chemistry develops fast in recent years due to the rapid growth and breakthroughs in AI. Thanks for the progress in natural language processing, researchers can extract more fine-grained knowledge in publications to stimulate the development in computational chemistry. While the works and corpora in chemical entity extraction have been restricted in the biomedicine or life science field instead of the chemistry field, we build a new corpus in chemical bond field anno- tated for 7 types of entities: compound, solvent, method, bond, reaction, pKa and pKa value. This paper presents a novel BERT-CRF model to build scientific chemical data chains by extracting 7 chemical entities and relations from publications. And we propose a joint model to ex- tract the entities and relations simultaneously. Experimental results on our Chemical Special Corpus demonstrate that we achieve state-of-art and competitive NER performance.

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7. chinaXiv:201905.00014 [pdf]


申兴发; 杨健; 冉德纲
Subjects: Computer Science >> Integration Theory of Computer Science

传统的针对智能手机内部攻击的方式容易被用户察觉及预防。作为一种常见的音频信号,DTMF信号在手机通信中具有非常重要的地位,但也面临严峻的安全风险。提出了一种基于DTMF信号的智能手机外部攻击方法,可以在用户不被察觉,且与用户手机无交互情况下进行有效攻击。首先,该方法对用户某些重要按键操作进行录音;然后对录音数据在时域上进行双阈值的端点检测,提取信号的有效区域;再将有效区域通过Goertzel算法转换到频域进行数字分类;最后,通过比照DTMF编码表得到用户所有按键数据。实验结果表明,该方法在10 db信噪比,且与用户手机无交互的条件下能破解80%以上的按键数据。

submitted time 2019-05-10 From cooperative journals:《计算机应用研究》 Hits1597Downloads356 Comment 0

8. chinaXiv:201905.00015 [pdf]


Subjects: Computer Science >> Integration Theory of Computer Science


submitted time 2019-05-10 From cooperative journals:《计算机应用研究》 Hits1385Downloads278 Comment 0

9. chinaXiv:201905.00016 [pdf]


许新忠; 张连成; 燕菊维
Subjects: Computer Science >> Integration Theory of Computer Science


submitted time 2019-05-10 From cooperative journals:《计算机应用研究》 Hits1738Downloads596 Comment 0

10. chinaXiv:201905.00017 [pdf]


贾欣婷; 郑柏超; 裴斌
Subjects: Computer Science >> Integration Theory of Computer Science

针对一类包含执行器攻击、外部干扰和编码器/解码器不匹配的信息物理系统(cyber-physical systems,CPS),设计一种新型鲁棒控制器确保其安全稳定运行。控制器线性部分的增益由优化H2性能的线性矩阵不等式给出;控制器的非线性结构包含两部分,一部分用于消除外部干扰、量化误差,另一部分利用对未知执行器攻击参数的自适应估计来实现对攻击的补偿。最后,仿真算例结果表明控制器能保证闭环系统的一致最终有界性,说明了所提方法的有效性。

submitted time 2019-05-10 From cooperative journals:《计算机应用研究》 Hits898Downloads266 Comment 0

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