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1. chinaXiv:202111.00001 [pdf]

Research for the variables behind Customers' Repurchase Intention to the Craft Beer

Subjects: Management Science >> Other Disciplines of Management Science

With the upgrade of consumption level, craft beer has attracted growing attention and appreciation from consumers. This study has investigated the influence of brand image, perceived service quality, beer flavor diversity, and price rationality on customers' repurchase intention, along with the mediating role of customers' satisfaction in the aforementioned relationships. The study was conducted in Wuhan, Hubei Province, used a Likert-scale questionnaire as the main body of the questionnaire. IBM SPSS STATISTICS 19 software (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) was used for data analysis. The results revealed the positively of brand image, perceived service quality, beer flavor diversity, and price rationality on customers' repurchase intention, along with the mediating role of customers' satisfaction in the aforementioned relationships. This study also found that brand image occupies a dominant position in the variables that promote the customers' repurchase intention in the craft beer industry. The results of study contributed to an understanding of craft beer consumption behavior.

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2. chinaXiv:201612.00473 [pdf]

Top quark FCNC decays and productions at LHC in littlest Higgs model with T-parity

Han,X; Wang,L; Yang,JM

In the littlest Higgs model with T-parity (LHT) the newly introduced mirror quarks have flavor-changing couplings with the Standard Model (SM) quarks and may enhance the flavor-changing neutral-current (FCNC) top quark interactions which are extremely sup

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3. chinaXiv:201612.00468 [pdf]

Lepton flavor-changing processes in R-parity violating MSSM: Z ---> l(i) anti-l(j) and gamma gamma ---> l(i) anti-l(j) under new bounds from l(i) ---> l(j) gamma

Cao,J; Wu,L; Yang,JM

We examine the lepton flavor-changing processes in R -parity violating MSSM. First, we update the constraints on the relevant R -violating couplings by using the latest data on the rare decays ? i → ? j γ . We find that the updated constraints are much st

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4. chinaXiv:201612.00448 [pdf]

Spectral function and quark diffusion constant in non-critical holographic QCD

Bu,Y; Yang,JM

Motivated by recent studies of intersecting D-brane systems in critical string theory and phenomenological AdS/QCD models, we present a detailed analysis for the vector and scalar fluctuations in a non-critical holographic QCD model in the high temperatur

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5. chinaXiv:201612.00445 [pdf]

Structure function of holographic quark-gluon plasma: Sakai-Sugimoto model versus its non-critical version

Bu,YY; Yang,JM

Motivated by recent studies of deep inelastic scattering (DIS) off the N=4N=4\mathcal{N}=4 super-Yang-Mills (SYM) plasma, holographically dual to AdS5×S5AdS5×S5AdS_5\times S^5 black hole, we in this note use the spacelike flavor current to probe the inter

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6. chinaXiv:201612.00442 [pdf]

Top quark forward-backward asymmetry and charge asymmetry in left-right twin Higgs model

Wang,L; Wu,L; Yang,JM

In order to explain the Tevatron anomaly of the top quark forward-backward asymmetry AtFBAFBtA_{FB}^t in the left-right twin Higgs model, we choose to give up the lightest neutral particle of h^h^\hat{h} field as a stable dark matter candidate. Then a new

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7. chinaXiv:201612.00438 [pdf]

Probing topcolor-assisted technicolor from top charge asymmetry and triple-top production at the LHC

Han,C; Liu,N; Wu,L; Yang,JM

In a topcolor-assisted technicolor model (TC2) with large FCNC top quark couplings, we study its correlated contributions to the top quark forward-backward asymmetry (AF B ) at the Tevatron, the top charge asymmetry (AC) and the triple-top production at the LHC. Under current constraints on the top quark from the LHC and Tevatron (such as the total and differential production rates), we scan the parameter space of such a TC2 model. We find that in the allowed parameter space the TC2 model can explain the Tevatron measured AFB at 2σ level, but meanwhile significantly enhance AC at the LHC. Such enhanced AC, albeit currently allowed by the LHC measurement at 2σ level, will serve as a test of TC2 with the improvement of measurement precision at the LHC. Then with all the constraints (including the requirement to explain AF B at 2σ level and satisfying the current LHC measurement of AC at 2σ level), we find that the TC2 model can induce sizable triple-top production at the 14 TeV LHC (the production rate can maximally reach 16 pb). Due to the low SM backgrounds, the triple-top production can also be a good probe for TC2 model, complementary to AC.

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8. chinaXiv:201612.00437 [pdf]

A Heavy SM-like Higgs and a Light Stop from Yukawa-Deflected Gauge Mediation

Kang,Z; Li,T; Liu,T; Tong,C; Yang,JM

To obtain a SM-like Higgs boson around 125 GeV in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with minimal gauge mediation of supersymmetry breaking (GMSB), a heavy stop at multi-TeV level is needed and incurs severe fine-tuning, which can be ameliorated in

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9. chinaXiv:201612.00415 [pdf]

SUSY induced top quark FCNC decay t→cht→cht \rightarrow { ch} after Run I of LHC

Cao,J; Han,C; Wu,L; Yang,JM; Zhang,M

In light of the Higgs discovery and the nonobservation of sparticles at the LHC, we revisit the supersymmetric theory (SUSY) induced top quark flavor-changing decay into the Higgs boson. We perform a scan over the relevant SUSY parameter space by consider

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10. chinaXiv:201612.00373 [pdf]

Prospect of a very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment: HIPA to Beijing

H2B-1,VSG; Chen,H; Ding,L; He,J; Kuang,H; Lu,Y; Ma,Y; Shan,L; Shen,C; Wang,Y; Yang,C; Zhang,X; Zhu,Q; Qing,C; Xiong,Z; Yang,JM; Zhang,Z; Chen,J; Ye,Y; Lee,S

We discuss the prospects of a very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment from HIPA to Beijing. The current understanding of neutrino oscillations, both theoretically and experimentally, are summarized. The figure of merits for interested physics m

submitted time 2016-12-28 Hits2192Downloads1198 Comment 0

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