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1. chinaXiv:202107.00016 [pdf]

Damage Trust but Increase Cooperation? Putting Depression in Trust Game Lens

Zhou, Yiyong; Chen, Xinyu; Wang, Jingyan
Subjects: Psychology >> Applied Psychology

Depression is theoretically associated with poor social functioning and social impairments, but empirical evidence for poor trust or cooperative behavior among depressed patients is scarce and severely under-researched. Based on a revised version of Trust Game, the present study aimed to clarify the equivocal relationships between depression, trust and altruistic cooperative behaviors, whilst taking into consideration of the potentially confounding effects of trait propensity to trust and locus of control. In the new version of Trust Game, each pairs of participant played the role of an investor and a trustee respectively. The investor player first receives an endowment of a given amount of money and decides how much he/she would like to invest. The invested endowment is then tripled and given to the trustee, played by the other participant who decides how much repayment he would like to return. This procedure is repeated for 10 rounds, trust behavior and altruistic cooperative behavior are then quantified as the averaged invested endowments and repayments, respectively. Results revealed that depressive symptoms negatively predicted invested endowments (i.e., the trust behavior) after the trait propensity to trust was controlled for, but a positive relationship between depressive symptoms and repayments (i.e., the altruistic cooperative behavior) was found, which was significantly moderated by the external locus of control. Specifically, in those with higher scores in externality, depressive symptoms actually resulted in a decrease (rather than an increase) in altruistic cooperation. This work, for the first time, clarified the relationships between depression and trust and altruistic cooperation by introducing trait factors such as propensity to trust and locus of controls, providing a new sight of exploring the effects of depressive symptoms on social functions.

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2. chinaXiv:201704.00307 [pdf]


Subjects: Biology >> Ecology

摘要:田村三郎(1917-2015),原日本东京大学农学部教授,日本学士院会员。自 1957摘要:田村三郎(1917-2015),原日本东京大学农学部教授,日本学士院会员。自 1957年以来田村便与中国科学院保持着长久的联系。1978 年以后,更与中国科学院在农业和环境领域展开了长期的合作研究,还参与了中国农业现代化的讨论。本文以田村为案例,利用档案、报刊、传记等文献资料,在回顾田村三郎与中国科学院交往与合作研究历程的同时,重点关注田村关于中国农业现代化的论述与实践,并初步探讨田村三郎与中国科学院合作成功的原因。 现代化的过程就是传统与现代、东方与西方、区域与全球的互动过程。如何用现代农业去改造传统农业,把东方智慧与西方科学有效结合,将区域的特性和全球化的挑战进行调适,是现代化进程中必须解决的问题。田村把他对中国农业现状的理解和日本农业的历史经验,运用于中国农业现代化实践之中,构成了本文所谓的“田村经验”。这些经验值得我们在处理诸如农业的全球化及其区域性和共性问题时汲取。

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