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1. chinaXiv:202111.00026 [pdf]

Biological Knowledge-enabled BERT for Innovation in Biomimetic Design: A Case Study

Sun,Feng; Xu,He
Subjects: Mechanical Engineering >> Mechanical Design

The biomimetic design provides an adequate solution to achieve an excellent design. However, the prototype space for biomimetic design is relatively large, and it becomes more and more challenging to find the required biological prototypes quickly and efficiently. In order to improve the design efficiency and enrich the means of biomimetic innovation, this paper proposes a biological knowledge-enabled bidirectional encoder representation from transformers (BERT) model to assist biomimetic design, namely BioDesign. We extract the biological strategies, functions and extract dimensional information from the Asknature as the data source. The linguistic expression model-BERT was used to recommend biomimetic strategies or functions combined with the biological strategies data. Finally, we take the biomimetic erosion wear resistant design of the valve core as an example and use the proposed BioDesign model to recommend biomimetic inspired functions. According to the recommended content of the BioDesign model, we obtained the erosion wear resistance strategies and designed the biomimetic structure. The erosion wear experiment proved the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.

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2. chinaXiv:201803.00572 [pdf]

Analysis of Meshing Characteristics of Pins and Pin Housing Integral Structure in Cycloidal Planetary Drive-1.doc

Subjects: Mechanical Engineering >> Mechanical Design

Precision reducer is one of the key parts of an industrial robot, which generally incorporates cycloidal planetary drive. Engagement of the cycloidal wheel and the pins causes rolling friction between the wheel and the pins as well as sliding friction between the pins and the pin housing in the traditional cycloidal transmission of the reducer. In this paper, we present a new kind of design to make the pins and the pin housing a whole structure, thereby the cost of manufacturing and assembly can be significantly reduced. And in this new structure, we only need to consider sliding friction between the cycloidal wheel and the unibody of the pins and pin housing. The difference between the new structure and the conventional structure in the meshing properties was given. In addition, we used finite element method to analyze the friction and contact stress between the cycloidal wheel and the pins in the actual working condition, and compared it with the traditional structure. The simulation results proved the feasibility of the new structure and provided a theoretical basis for further design and manufacturing of this new kind of cycloidal planetary drive structure.

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3. chinaXiv:201803.00570 [pdf]

Dynamics Analysis of Cycloid Drive with Epicycloidal

毛贺; 柳冠伊; 何凯; 俞灏; 王钰堃; 杜如虚
Subjects: Mechanical Engineering >> Mechanical Design


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