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1. chinaXiv:201609.00255 [pdf]

On the Electro-Gravitational Induction Predicted by Beam Instability in Charged Particle Storage Rings

Junyi Dong; Dong Dong
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Changes in beam position within charged particle accelerator storage rings have been observed due to changes in gravity (Δg) caused by the moon and sun. The terrestrial tidal model has been used to explain this type of beam instability. Further analysis reveals that these instabilities arise from changes in the electron beam energy, rather than from movements of the accelerator components due to terrestrial tidal forces. We suggest a potential model to better explain this type of instability. Consider a charged particle beam ring rotating with the earth, perpendicular to the moon's line of gravity. We induce an electromotive force along the ring, referred to as electro-gravitational induction (EGI). The circular motion of the charged particles causes the accumulation of the EGI in the storage ring, turn by turn. We used existing data from storage ring beam signals to estimate the maximum value of the gravity coefficient of the induced electromotive force.

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