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1. chinaXiv:201812.00059 [pdf]

The anatomy of reliability: A must read for future human brain mapping

Xing, Xiu-Xia; Zuo, Xi-Nian
Subjects: Psychology >> Statistics in Psychology

Human brain mapping (HBM) is increasingly becoming a multi-disciplinary field where some scientific issues are fundamental for all scientists and applications of using the technology to investigate individual differences. Reliability represents a significant issue for all scientific fields and has particularly been overlooked for decades by the HBM field [1]. Meanwhile, recent advances in open science have offered the field big data for developing novel methodological frameworks as well as performing large-scale investigations of the brain-mind associations based upon the individual differences assessed with HBM [2]. A systematic investigation of reliability seems still far behind these HBM developments. It is critical that reliability is evaluated ahead of these applications, motivating the current commentary on delineation of the anatomy of reliability for future HBM.

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