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1. chinaXiv:201609.01023 [pdf]

Study of the Tracking Method and Expected Performance of the Silicon Pixel Inner Tracker Applied in BESIII

Qinglei Xiu; Mingyi Dong; Weidong Li; Huaimin Liu; Qiumei Ma; Qun Ouyang; Zhonghua Qin; Liangliang Wang; Linghui Wu; Ye Yuan; Yao Zhang
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The inner drift chamber of the BESIII is encountering serious aging problem after five year's running. For the first layer, the decrease in gas gain is about 26% from 2009 to 2013. The upgrade of the inner tracking detector has become an urgent problem for the BESIII experiment. An inner tracker using CMOS pixel sensors is an important candidate because of its great advantages on spatial resolution and radiation hardness. In order to carry out a Monte Carlo study on the expected performance, a Geant4-based full simulation for the silicon pixel detector has been implemented. The tracking method combining the silicon pixel inner tracker and outer drift chamber has been studied and a preliminary reconstruction software was developed. The Monte Carlo study shows that the performances including momentum resolution, vertex resolution and the tracking efficiency are significantly improved due to the good spatial resolution and moderate material budget of the silicon pixel detector.

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2. chinaXiv:201609.00972 [pdf]

Study of tracking efficiency and its systematic uncertainty from $J/\psi \to p \overlinep \pi^+ \pi^-$ at BESIII

Wen-Long Yuan; Xiao-Cong Ai; Xiao-Bin Ji; Shen-Jian Chen; Yao Zhang; Ling-Hui Wu; Liang-Liang Wang; Ye Yuan
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Based on?J/ψ?events collected with the BESIII detector, with corresponding Monte Carlo samples, the tracking efficiency and its systematic uncertainty are studied using a control sample of?J/ψ→pp???π+π?. Validation methods and different factors influencing the tracking efficiency are presented in detail. The tracking efficiency and its systematic uncertainty for protons and pions with the transverse momentum and polar angle dependence are also discussed.

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3. chinaXiv:201609.00024 [pdf]

Radiation Studies for the Target Station of the MOMENT

Qing-Nian Xu; Jian-Fei Tong; Nikolaos Vassilopoulos; Jun Cao; Miao He; Zhi-Long Hou; Han-Tao Jing; Huai-Min Liu; Xiao-Rui yu; Jing-Yu Tang; Ye Yuan; Guang Zhao; Yang-Heng Zheng
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The discovery of the neutrino mixing angle?θ13?opens new opportunities for the discovery of the leptonic CP violation for high intensity neutrino beams. MOMENT a future neutrino facility with a high-power proton beam of 15 MW from a continuous-wave linac is focused on that discovery. The high power of the proton beam causes extreme radiation conditions for the facility and especially for the target station where the pion capture system of five superconducting solenoids is located. In this paper initial studies are performed for the effects of the radiation on the solenoid structure and the area surrounding it. A concept cooling system is also proposed.

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4. chinaXiv:201609.00018 [pdf]

Track segment finding with CGEM-IT and matching to tracks in ODC

Xin-Hua Sun; Liang-Liang Wang; Ling-Hui Wu; Xu-Dong J; Qing-Lei Xiu; Liao-Yuan Dong; Ming-Yi Dong; Wei-Dong Li; Wei-Guo Li; Huai-Min Liu; Qun Ou-Yang; Ye Yuan; Yao Zhang
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The relative differences in coordinates of Cylindrical-Gas-Electron-Multiplier-Detector-based Inner Tracker (CGEM-IT) clusters are studied to search for track segments in CGEM-IT. With the full simulation of single muon track samples, clear patterns are found and parameterized for the correct cluster combinations. The cluster combinations satisfying the patterns are selected as track segment candidates in CGEM-IT with an efficiency higher than 99%. The parameters of the track segments are obtained by a helix fitting. Some chi-squared quantities, evaluating the differences in track parameters between the track segments in CGEM-IT and the tracks found in Outer-Drift-Chamber (ODC), are calculated and used to match them. Proper chi-squared requirements are determined as a function of transverse momentum and the matching efficiency is found reasonable.

submitted time 2016-09-02 Hits1055Downloads561 Comment 0

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