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1. chinaXiv:201703.00578 [pdf]

Electron irradiation-induced defects in Mo-diluted FeCrNi austenitic alloy during void swelling incubation

B. Y. Wang; E Y Lu; C. X. Zhang; Q Xu; S. X. Jin; P. Zhang; X. Z. Cao
Subjects: Physics >> Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

The microstructural features and the effect of Mo addition during incubation period in FeCrNi austenitic alloy were investigated using positron annihilation technique and micro-Vickers Hardness. The electron irradiation, which could induce vacancy defects in material, was performed at room temperature up to the dose of 1.70-4 and 50-4 dpa, respectively. The defect concentration was estimated about 10-4-10-7 though standard trapping model. The added Mo could trap vacancies to form Mo-vacancy complexes, which may suppress the migration and growth of vacancy defects during electron irradiation. In addition, the microstructural evolution during electron radiation resulted in hardening, while the added Mo might to improve the hardening property of the alloy.

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