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1. chinaXiv:202106.00029 [pdf]


Subjects: Psychology >> Psychological Measurement

多模态数据为实现对认知结构的精准诊断及其他认知特征(如, 认知风格)的全面反馈提供了可能性。为实现对题目作答精度、作答时间(RT)和视觉注视点数(FC)的联合分析,本文基于联合-交叉负载建模法提出三个多模态认知诊断模型。实证研究及模拟研究结果表明:(1)联合分析比分离分析更适用于多模态数据;(2)新模型可直接利用RT和FC中信息提高潜在能力或潜在属性的估计准确性;(3)新模型的参数估计返真性较好;(4)忽略交叉负载所导致的负面结果比冗余考虑交叉负载所导致的更严重。

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2. chinaXiv:202111.00049 [pdf]


郑楚华; 汪鑫; 吴艳红
Subjects: Psychology >> Cognitive Psychology


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3. chinaXiv:202111.00048 [pdf]


刘玥; 刘红云
Subjects: Psychology >> Statistics in Psychology


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4. chinaXiv:202111.00046 [pdf]


徐慧; 王滔
Subjects: Psychology >> Developmental Psychology


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5. chinaXiv:202107.00011 [pdf]

Properties of several fuzzy set spaces

Huan Huang
Subjects: Mathematics >> Mathematics (General)

This paper discusses the properties the spaces of fuzzy sets in a metric s- pace equipped with the endograph metric and the sendograph metric, re- spectively. We fist discuss the level characterizations of the Γ-convergence and the endograph metric, and point out the elementary relationships among Γ-convergence, endograph metric and the sendograph metric. On the basis of these results, we present the characterizations of total boundedness, rel- ative compactness and compactness in the space of compact positive α-cuts fuzzy sets equipped with the endograph metric, and in the space of com- pact support fuzzy sets equipped with the sendograph metric, respectively. Furthermore, we give completions of these two kinds of spaces, respectively.

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6. chinaXiv:202111.00047 [pdf]


刘博; 程香娟; 岳衡; 包呼格吉乐图
Subjects: Psychology >> Cognitive Psychology


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7. chinaXiv:202111.00034 [pdf]

Revisit of Hsianwenia wui (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) from the Pliocene of Qaidam Basin

BI Dai-Ran; WU Fei-Xiang; WANG Ning; CHANG Mee-Man; FANG Geng-Yu
Subjects: Biology >> Zoology

The Qaidam Basin is a key area for understanding the paleoenvironmental and faunal history of the Tibetan Plateau. The fossil schizothoracine fish, Hsianwenia wui, evolved extraordinarily thickened bones to adapt to the aridification of the Qaidam Basin during the Pliocene. However, the nature of the bone thickening itself remains elusive. To promote the further investigation of the physiological mechanism of the pachyostosis and the phylogenetic interrelationships of Hsianwenia and all relevant cyprinids, here we present a comprehensive morphological study of Hsianwenia. We have new information on the anterior part of the cranial cavity, a large supraneural 3 in the Weberian apparatus, numerous procurrent caudal fin rays supported by the preural centrum (Pu) 5, and a neural arch on Pu2. We also find the differentiated pattern of the bone-thickening: the pachyostosis exists in the endoskeleton but not in the dermal skeleton; it is more obvious in ventral bones than in dorsal ones, when the thickening is present in the dorsally and ventrally grouped endoskeletal bones (e.g., the epineural and epipleural intermuscular bones). Considering the integrity of musculoskeletal system manipulating the chewing activities, we suspect that the thickened pharyngeal jaws and the hard food processing might be associated with the unique hind protrusion (cleithral “humeral” process) of the dermal pectoral girdle of Hsianwenia.

submitted time 2021-11-26 From cooperative journals:《古脊椎动物学报》 Hits131Downloads48 Comment 0

8. chinaXiv:202111.00035 [pdf]

A revision of the eggshell fragment of Spheroolithus megadermus from Laiyang, Shandong Province, China

ZHANG Shu-Kang
Subjects: Biology >> Zoology

In 1958, a special type of dinosaur egg was discovered in Zhaotuan, Laiyang, Shandong Province, China. Although only a large eggshell fragment was collected, its extremely large thickness indicated that the eggshell fragment represented a new ootaxon. In previous studies, it was named Spheroolithus megadermus and assigned to the oogenus Spheroolithus under the oofamily of the Spheroolithidae based on the microstructure in radial view. However, a comparative study of the microstructure in tangential views between the large eggshell fragment from Laiyang and the recently reported Multifissoolithus from Zhejiang Province, China and Yamaguchi, Japan revealed that all of them have roughly paralleled and wavy clefts. Therefore, this study reassigned the large eggshell fragment from Laiyang to Multifissoolithus of the Dongyangoolithidae and discussed its unique compact layer near the eggshell’s inner surface, as well as the chronological and spatial distribution of dongyangoolithid eggs. The reassignment of the holotype of Spheroolithus megadermus also indicates that the referred specimen of Spheroolithus megadermus from Changtu, Liaoning Province becomes the holotype of a new oospecies Spheroolithus quantouensis.

submitted time 2021-11-26 From cooperative journals:《古脊椎动物学报》 Hits103Downloads34 Comment 0

9. chinaXiv:202111.00036 [pdf]

A new aardwolf-line fossil hyena from Middle and Late Miocene deposits of Linxia Basin, Gansu, China

Henry GALIANO; Z. Jack TSENG; Nikos SOLOUNIAS; WANG Xiao-Ming; QIU Zhan-Xiang; Stuart C. WHITE
Subjects: Biology >> Zoology

The aardwolf Proteles cristatus is the only known hyaenid, living or extinct, to exhibit an extremely reduced dentition related to its termite-specializing diet. The fossil record of extant aardwolves extends to 2 to 4 million years ago, but records that inform its evolutionary origins are essentially nonexistent. Such circumstance renders it difficult to place this unusual hyena in the broader evolutionary context of small-bodied hyaenid species in Eurasian Neogene deposits. Here we describe a new genus and species of a small-bodied hyaenid, Gansuyaena megalotis, representing the closest morphological link to aardwolves to date. This new fossil hyena is based on a skull with associated mandible, a rostrum preserving several teeth, and several referred specimens. The new specimens were discovered in Neogene deposits in Linxia Basin, Gansu Province, China. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that among early hyaenids, G. megalotis is most closely related, but unlikely ancestral, to the living aardwolf. Also recognized in this new species are the fossils previously referred to “Protictitherium” aff. P. gaillardi from Pasalar, Turkey. Additionally, “Plioviverrops” guerini from Los Mansuetos, Spain is interpreted to represent a second Gansuyaena species. In addition to the living aardwolf, Proteles cristatus, our analyses suggest that the proteline lineage includes the extinct genera Gansuyaena, Mesoviverrops, and Plioviverrops. Although the precise timing and geographic location of evolutionary divergence between the aardwolf and Gansuyaena remain elusive, critical new morphological information provided by Gansuyaena specimens reinforce findings from recent genomic analyses that the aardwolf lineage has an ancient origin from small-bodied stem hyaenids prior to the appearance of large and robust bone-cracking hyaenines.

submitted time 2021-11-26 From cooperative journals:《古脊椎动物学报》 Hits96Downloads29 Comment 0

10. chinaXiv:202111.00032 [pdf]


蒋路远; 曹李梅; 秦昕; 谭玲; 陈晨; 彭小斐
Subjects: Psychology >> Management Psychology

不平等问题是全球社会和经济发展需要应对的首要挑战,也是实现全球可持续发展目标的核心障碍。人工智能(artificial intelligence, AI)为缓解不平等、促进社会公平提供了新的途径。然而,新近研究发现,即使客观上AI决策具有公平性和准确性,个体仍可能对AI决策的公平感知较低。因此,近年来越来越多的研究开始关注AI决策公平感知的影响因素。然而,目前研究较为分散,呈现出研究范式不统一、理论不清晰和机制未厘清等特征。这既不利于跨学科的研究对话,也不利于研究者和实践者对AI决策公平感知形成系统性理解。基于此,通过系统的梳理,现有研究可以划分为两类:(1)AI单一决策的公平感知研究,主要聚焦于AI特征和个体特征如何影响个体对AI决策的公平感知;(2)AI-人类二元决策的公平感知研究,主要聚焦于对比个体对AI决策与人类决策公平感知的差异。在上述梳理基础上,未来研究可以进一步探索AI决策公平感知的情绪影响机制等方向。

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