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1. chinaXiv:201608.00218 [pdf]

Characterization study of a broad-energy germanium detector at CJPL

ZENG Zhi; MI Yuhao; ZENG Ming; MA Hao; YUE Qian; CHENG Jianping; LI Junli; QIU Rui; ZHANG Hui
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The ability of background discrimination using pulse shape discrimination (PSD) in broad-energy germanium (BEGe) detectors makes them as competitive candidates for neutrinoless double beta decay (0{\nu}\b{eta}\b{eta}) experiments. The measurements of key parameters for detector modeling in a commercial p-type BEGe detector are presented in this paper. Point-like sources were used to investigate the energy resolution and linearity of the detector. A cylindrical volume source was used for the efficiency calibration. With an assembled device for source positioning, a collimated 133Ba point-like source was used to scan the detector and investigate the active volume. A point-like source of 241Am was used to measure the dead layer thicknesses, which are approximately 0.17 mm on the front and 1.18 mm on the side. The described characterization method will play an important role in the 0{\nu}\b{eta}\b{eta} experiments with BEGe detectors at China JinPing underground Laboratory (CJPL) in the future.

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