• Large-area electronics enabled high resolution digital microfluidics for single cell manipulations

    分类: 工程与技术科学 >> 生物医学工程学 提交时间: 2022-04-17


    Thin-film semiconductor devices as switching elements are perfect fit for electrodes-array based digital microfluidics. With support of large-area electronics technology, high-resolution digital droplets (diameter around 100 μm) contains single cell can be generated by pre-programmable addressing signals. Single-cell generation and manipulation is a foundation of single-cell research, which demands ease of operation, multifunctional and accurate tools. Herein, we report an active-matrix digital microfluidic platform for single-cell generation and manipulation enabled by large-area electronics technology. The active device contains 26,368 electrodes that can be independently addressed to perform parallel and simultaneous droplets and even single cells manipulation. An on-chip generated single droplet volume limit of 500 pL has been reported, proving the continuous and stable movement of the droplet containing cells for over 1 hour. Furthermore, the success rate of single droplet formation can be higher than 98% and able to generate around 10 single cells within 10 seconds.  A pristine single cell generation rate of 29% is achieved without any further sorting process