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  • Followup ground-based observations of the dwarf nova KZ Gem

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2020-03-09

    摘要: We present spectroscopy of stars in the immediate vicinity of the dwarf nova (DN) KZ Gem to confirm its identification, which had been ambiguous in the literature. Analysis of 73 radial velocities spanning from 2014 to 2019 provides a high-precision orbital period of 0.2224628(2) d (~5.34 hr) and shows KZ Gem to be a double-lined DN. Time series photometry taken from 2016 to 2018 shows a variable double-hump modulation with a full amplitude of ~0.3 mag, along with five Gaussian-like transient events lasting ~30 min or more. Using the light curve code XRBinary and nonlinear fitting code NMfit, we obtain an optimized binary model of the dwarf nova (DN) KZ Gem, from time series photometry, consisting of a Roche-lobe-filling K type dwarf with a mass transfer rate of 2.7 - 7.9 x 10^{-10} solar mass per yr to a large, cool and thick disk surrounding a white dwarf, in an orbit with an inclination of 51.6(+/-1.4) degree. Two hotspots on the disk are demonstrated to cause the observed variations in the ellipsoidal modulations from the secondary star. This physical model is compatible with the Gaia distance of KZ Gem.

  • Modified Newtonian Dynamics with Inverse Dissipation Potential as an Alternative to Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2018-09-16

    摘要:This paper introduces the inverse dissipation potential into the Newtonian Dynamic equation and studies the motion equations of the objects in the isolated gravitational system. It is found that at large scales it can derive the dynamical equation of cosmic expansion similar to the ΛCDM model and yield the flat rotation curves for spiral galaxy. Different from the usual dark matter models, the derived flat rotation curves are the result of time accumulation rather than the direct action of mechanics. And the Tully-Fisher relationship is also discussed, it is found that the basic constant a0 in the MOND model and the form of the function μ have a clear corresponding physical significance in the model of this paper.

  • A Phenomenological Model for the Light Curve of three Quiescent Low-inclination Dwarf Novae and one Pre-Cataclysmic Variable

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 分类: 天文学 >> 恒星和银河系 提交时间: 2018-09-12

    摘要: We used the light curve code XRBinary to model the quiescent K2 light curves of three low-inclination cataclysmic variables (CVs): 1RXS\,J0632+2536 (J0632+2536), RZ\,Leo, TW\,Vir and the pre-CV WD\,1144+011. Optimized light curve models were obtained using a nonlinear fitting code NMfit and visualized by Phoebe 2.0. The disk model of J0632+2536 shows that one hotspot at the edge of the disk is enough to describe its light curve, while the other two dwarf nova (DN): RZ\,Leo and TW\,Vir require two hotspots. A typical pre-CV model with a weak irradiation effect for WD\,1144+011 can explain its single-hump modulation and the newly observed spectrum confirms its previous classification. The synthetic analyses for the DN clearly indicate that phase zero of the double-hump modulations occurs around the secondary minimum and the primary hump is mainly caused by the hotspot at the edge of the disk. The quiescent disk has a flat temperature distribution with a power index of $\sim0.11$. The disk model of RZ\,Leo implies a truncated disk, supporting its previously speculated classification as an intermediate polar (IP). Except for the IP model of RZ\,Leo, which lacks a component related to the inferred accretion curtain, the models of J0632+2536, TW\,Vir and WD\,1144+011 are consistent with results from the Gaia mission. The derived masses and radii of the secondaries of the three DN are consistent with the semi-empirical relations for CV donor stars, while their effective temperatures are higher than the predictions. Irradiation of the donor stars is investigated to explain this discrepancy.

  • Baryons as a unified solution to small scale structures issues of the #3;CDM model

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2018-02-07

    摘要:在本文中,借助半解析代码,我们展示了在CDM模型中考虑重子物理学如何解决CDM框架中暗物质晕的数值预测与从矮小星系尺度到星系团观测结果之间的差异,而不需要像[1]最近提出的不同形式的暗物质。结合已有的结果,本文首次说明了在正确考虑重子物理的情况下,如何自然地得到星系团的平坦分布及其几个主要性质之间的关联,如何解决所谓的“多样性问题”,以及如何在考虑重子物理时很好地再现IC 2574极具挑战性的极低上升旋转曲线。因此,我们建议在标准宇宙学模型中引入新的奇异特征之前,尽管是合法的,重子模型。 物理学应该得到适当的处理,以便与观测达成一致。

  • A New Measurement of the Spectral Lag of Gamma-Ray Bursts and its Implications for Spectral Evolution Behaviors

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2017-07-13

    摘要:We carry out a systematical study of the spectral lag properties of 50 single-pulsed Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) detected by Fermi/GBM. By dividing the light curves into multiple consecutive energy channels we provide a new measurement of the spectral lag which is independent on energy channel selections. We perform a detailed statistical study of our new measurements. We find two similar power-law energy dependencies of both the pulse arrival time and pulse width. Our new results on the power-law indices would favor the relativistic geometric effects for the origin of spectral lag. However, a complete theoretical framework that can fully account for the diverse energy dependencies of both arrival time and pulse width revealed in this work is still missing. We also study the spectral evolution behaviors of the GRB pulses. We find that the GRB pulse with negligible spectral lag would usually have a shorter pulse duration and would appear to have a ``hardness-intensity tracking'' (HIT) behavior and the GRB pulse with a significant spectral lag would usually have a longer pulse duration and would appear to have a ``hard-to-soft'' (HTS) behavior.

  • 冰巨星大气研究进展

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2017-05-12

    摘要:摘要:与类木行星等气态巨行星相比,冰巨星是由大量比氢氦重的气体成分(水、氨、摘要:与类木行星等气态巨行星相比,冰巨星是由大量比氢氦重的气体成分(水、氨、甲烷等)组成的气体行星,天天星和海王星便是典型的冰巨星。天王星和海王星的大气中保存着太阳系形成初期的气体,对研究太阳系和行星的形成演化有很大帮助;对其大气的动力学研究可以了解到大气内部的结构、热源驱动机制和对流机制;随着证认的系外行星数量逐渐增加,发现类海王星型系外行星是普遍存在的。梳理了天王星和海王星的大气结构和大气成分以及太阳系外类海王星的研究进展,并对未来冰巨星的探测和研究做了展望。 关 键 词:行星;冰巨星;大气;成分;系外行星 1 引 言 冰巨星是指内部结构中有大量“冰”存在的巨行星,这种“冰”是由原始行星盘中低折射率的物质(比如H2O, CH4, NH3等)冷凝而成[1],其外围仍存在有大量的氢和氦。天王星和海王星是典型的冰巨星。天王星和海王星的成分和内部结构反映出了不同于气态巨行星(木星和土星)的形成环境和演化过程[2],同时二者在表面温度,有效温度,磁场结构、大气纬向环流等物理特征方面都十分的类似 [3]。天王星和海王星的质量分别为14.5M?和17.1M?(M?为地球质量),由于冰巨星的引力势能较大,对于太阳系的形成起到了重要的作用,它们保留了大量太阳系形成初期的气体[1],包含着原恒星云的状态条件和行星形成的位置信息[2],因此研究冰巨星的大气成分和大气结构不仅有助于研究其内部热源的驱动机制和对流机制,也有助于研究太阳系和行星的形成及演化历史。 在太阳系内的冰巨星(天王星、海王星)由于距离比较远,目前只有 1977 年美国发射的“旅行者 2 号”飞行器对其进行过飞掠探测[4-6],此后便没有飞行器对其进行过近距离考察。根据“旅行者 2 号”飞行器的射电掩星观测[7, 8],木星和土星的大气温度分别为165 ± 5K和134 ± 4K(1bar处),而天王星和海王星的大气温度分别为76 ± 2K和72 ± 2K(1bar处),可见冰巨星的大气温度是远远低于气态巨行星的。 气态巨行星有大体积的气态

  • The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope Quasar Survey: Quasar Properties From The First Data Release

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2016-05-05

    摘要:We present preliminary results of the quasar survey in the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber SpectroscopicTelescope (LAMOST) first data release (DR1), which includes the pilot survey and the first year of the regularsurvey. There are 3921 quasars reliably identified, among which 1180 are new quasars discovered in the survey.These quasars are at low to median redshifts, with a highest z of 4.83. We compile emission line measurementsaround the Hα, Hβ, Mg II, and C IV regions for the new quasars. The continuum luminosities are inferred fromSDSS photometric data with model fitting, as the spectra in DR1 are non-flux-calibrated. We also compile the virialblack hole mass estimates, with flags indicating the selection methods, and broad absorption line quasars. Thecatalog and spectra for these quasars are also available. Of the 3921 quasars, 28% are independently selected withop

  • South Galactic Cap u-band Sky Survey (SCUSS): Data Reduction

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2016-05-05

    摘要:The South Galactic Cap u-band Sky Survey (SCUSS) is a deep u-band imaging survey in the Southern GalacticCap, using the 90Prime wide-field imager on the 2.3 Bok telescope at Kitt Peak. The survey observations started in2010 and ended in 2013. The final survey area is about 5000 deg2 with a median 5σ point source limitingmagnitude of ?23.2. This paper describes the survey data reduction process, which includes basic imagingprocessing, astrometric and photometric calibrations, image stacking, and photometric measurements. Surveyphotometry is performed on objects detected both on SCUSS u-band images and in the SDSS database. Automatic,aperture, point-spread function (PSF), and model magnitudes are measured on stacked images. Co-added aperture,PSF, and model magnitudes are derived from measurements on single-epoch images. We also present comparisonsof the SCUSS photometric ca

  • The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey

    分类: 天文学 >> 天体物理学 提交时间: 2016-05-05

    摘要:The Large sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) general survey is a spectroscopic survey that will eventually cover approximately half of the celestial sphere and collect 10 million spectra of stars, galaxies and QSOs. Objects in both the pilot survey and the first year regular survey are included in the LAMOST DR1. The pilot survey started in October 2011 and ended in June 2012, and the data have been released to the public as the LAMOST Pilot Data Release in August 2012. The regular survey started in September 2012, and completed its first year of operation in June 2013. The LAMOST DR1 includes a total of 1202 plates containing 2 955 336 spectra, of which 1 790 879 spectra have observed signalto-noise ratio (SNR) ≥ 10. All data with SNR ≥ 2 are formally released as LAMOST DR1 under the LAMOST data policy. This data release contains a total of 2 204 696 spectra, of which 1 944 329 are stellar spectra, 12 082 are galaxy spectra and 5017 are quasars. The DR1 not only includes spectra, but also three stellar catalogs with measured parameters: late A,FGK-type stars with high quality spectra (1 061 918 entries), A-type stars (100 073 entries), and M-type stars (121 522 entries). This paper introduces the survey design, the observational and instrumental limitations, data reduction and analysis, and some caveats. A description of the FITS structure of spectral files and parameter catalogs is also provided.